Because we have had a dog for several years and have noticed how difficult it is sometimes to find a suitable holiday home, small and medium-sized dogs are welcome in ‘Mirabello’ at no extra cost. We do limit the size because of the available space. If your dog weighs> 15 kg, but needs little room to move, let us know.

We are not so keen on house rules: you know your dog the best and can better estimate if you can or can not leave him alone in the apartment for a few hours (eg dinner, shopping …). As long as the dog does not bite anything and does not cause a nuisance to the other residents, there is no problem. When complaints come or damage is determined, we will of course intervene and charge the costs.

Our terrace (25m2) is fully enclosed (both the private and the common part). Straight across the apartment you immediately come to the Noordduinen where you can let the dog do his / her needs.


– feed and drinker;
– plaid for seat;

contact details veterinarians in the area.

Attention: in Koksijde dogs must stay on a leash at all times and dog poop must always be cleaned up: on the pavement, on the beach or in the grass side. Everywhere. Full bags must not be thrown on the street, in the gutter or the drain. GAS officials carry out regular checks. Potentially dangerous dogs should always wear a muzzle.

With the dog on the beach

From 16 September to 31 May you can always and everywhere with the dog on the beach. This is also possible from 1 June to 15 September, but before 10:30 and after 18:30.

If you want to play on the beach with his dog between 10:30 am and 6:30 pm you can do that in 3 designated dog areas:
-from the Lucionplein in Sint-Idesbald to the municipal border with De Panne
between the Vredestraat-Elisabethplein in Koksijde and Sint-André (Gilles Scottlaan)
-between the Fairy Bank slope in Oostduinkerke to the Westenwindhelling (Groenendijk)

With the dog in other places

Dogs are not allowed in cemeteries, public buildings and in the municipal swimming pools. In nature areas too, certain grazing zones and vulnerable areas may be prohibited off-limits for dogs. The zones are clearly indicated on the hiking maps and hiking trails.

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