The Westhoek basks between the North Sea and the invisible ‘Schreve’, as is called the border with France.

Picturesque villages such as Watou, Beauvoorde, Houtem, Leisele, Stuivekenskerke, Dranouter, Lampernisse, Gijverinkhove, … and the many country roads invite you to discover the Westhoek. Stubborn inns and nice restaurants have nested in idyllic locations, far from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. In a warm setting, the friendly hosts let you choose from a (hot) food menu with original regional dishes at low prices. You can also enjoy a delicious local beer such as a trappist from Westvleteren (, an Oerbier from Diksmuide (, a Popering bumblebee beer, ‘Watou’s Wit’, etc.

Historical cities in the area:
Veurne (5 km)
Diksmuide (16 km)
Ypres (35 km)
Poperinge (35 km)

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